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Luciano Araújo always liked the circus from a young age. He has always been good at setting up things. "I was born with a gift," he says. And he did not give himself a rest until he had perfectly designed, with a few adaptations, his own circus arena.

Luciano Araújo. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

This 32-year-old actor, producer and director is also a clown. After attending the Escola Nacional  de Circo (National School of Circus), joining the company Lume, winning awards at theater festivals in Espírito Santo and Bahia states, traveling with the company Circo Rodeio Maravilha, and being a circus techniques teacher, he, now, runs a Kombi van full of valuable junk. It is out of it that Palhaço Pamonha, a clown made up by the artist who is not afraid to take the long road or sleeping in the car to reach any audience at his destiny, was originated. And there always is an audience. Luciano has performed in Areal, Japuíba, Enseada, Jacuacanga, Belém, around Angra dos Reis's neighborhoods, and even in Chile.

Four years ago he created Quintal do Circo, a company that works within an old junky car, where everything is squeezed in, but the whole show fits. Dressed in a plaid coat and black pants, even when the sun is up, Pamonha juggles, makes trapeze performances, magic tricksand calls the attention of passers-by to show his fun. The street audience is always passing by, Luciano knows it from experience and he aims exactly at these people coming out to pay a bill, to take a walk or to buy some medicine. He wants to cause an unexpected laugh. The circus arena is now the street.

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