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For over thirty years, Helena Barros, 48, has been producing fine sweets, designed by her daughter, Louzieh Lessa. The delicacies look and taste delightful and can be seen and tasted at parties and events, such as wedding ceremonies. 

Louzieh and her staff. Photo: Cris Isidoro/Diadorim Ideias

The sweets are handmade ??at Louzieh's house, and supply two stores, in São Paulo and in Rio de Janeiro. Louzieh has been a candy designer for 20 years and combines creativity with the flavors of the countryside. In her "home-factory" in Cordeiro, 70 people work in making about 30,000 sweets per week, at least 80 different recipes. When the business started, timidly, it was immediately successful in the city, and the delicacies were nicknamed "Cordeiro's sweets".

General Information

Address: The factory is located in Cordeiro, but Louzieh Doces has a store in Rio de Janeiro (Barata Ribeiro Street, 391-609 - Copacabana - service by appointment) and in São Paulo (Diacuí Street, 81 - Moema)
Phone: (+55 21) 2236 2540 / (+55 21) 99494 8667/ (+55 11) 5092-3052
E-mail address: contatos@louziehdoces.com.br
Website: http://www.louziehdoces.com.br/

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