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"We're crazy because we dream. Some said we wouldn't make it, but look at us", he points to Zeca Novais, one of the founders of Lona na Lua Theater Group. On the inside, an excited and happy troupe that only gets larger. More than 150 students become artists. In the beginning, he says, Lona na Lua had no headquarters and nothing more than the will to take art to the whole town.


Zeca, Rafaela Dias, Ana Ariel Perrone, and Bruno Siqueira, after charging a toll in the streets got more than the sympathy from the business owners. With some money, the tent grew and attracted more and more people. Today, up to 2,000 people stop by every month. It's all free for those who want to join the fun, but to watch the performances one needs to buy a ticket.


"It is very cheap, but we charge it for the production", explains Zeca, who now dreams about taking his tent and his troupe to each one of the 92 cities of Rio de Janeiro. "That's what we want: art for all, for anyone". It's the word of a dreamer.

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Address: Headquarters of the Group - Martinho de Almeida Street, Mangueirinha.
Phone: (+55 21) 2734-1486

Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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