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Lili goes up on every stage of Rio Bonito and she is always very well dressed; with her hair tied up and nails done. A religious care. Lili is Lílian Dario Felix, 75 years old, and the city's first actress. In 1968, she was in the movie "Maria Bonita, a Rainha do Cangaço", by Miguel Borges.

She only acted once, but she has always been crazy about cinema. As a young girl, she would go to Cine Vitória and Cine Glória. Every day. One movie session after the other. Even her mother would complain: it is too much! Lili would not even care. She would go again. E Deus Criou a Mulher, Brigitte Bardot; Sede de Vingança, Kirk Douglas; Cleópatra, Elizabeth Taylor.The images and the names do not get mixed up in her memory.

Now she goes to church because there are no movie theaters any more. The Vitória closed down, the Glória caught fire, and Lili prays for good health so she may continue the pilgrimage of the Holy Trinity to the Our Lady of The Conception Church.

Dressed in blue, as she prefers. It's the color of the sky that she can see from her window. Where to find Lili? You would have to walk a lot, but everyone knows where it is. You just need to ask.

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