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The Audiovisual Center aims to transform Barra do Piraí into the Audiovisual City and has been discovering talents and training skilled labor force. The city was the first to sign an agreement with Rio Filme - Rio Film Commission, an agency within Rio de Janeiro State Department of Culture which promotes and encourages national and foreign audiovisual productions.


In addition to tax incentives that have made ??possible the production of a feature film by Julia Murat, as well as 3D animation workshops in the city, the project "Luz, Câmera, Educação!" (Lights, Camera, Education!) was created, aiming to stimulate the local audience and generate audiovisual knowledge.

The project has been carried out since 2009 and qualifies public and private school teachers in production and screenplay writing, so they can serve as multipliers of this knowledge in the 18 local city schools. Each school is responsible for making a short fiction film that participates in the Student Festival of Barra do Piraí.

Over 1,000 students from the 6th grade of elementary school to the 3rd year of high school take part and are in charge of every step of the process: screenplay, direction, and production of the films.


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Address: Lúcio de Mendonça Street, 24/ 304 – Downtown
Phone: (+55 24) 2443 8210 / 3360-5281 (Mauá Filmes, producer)
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