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Lan. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Lanfranco Vaselli, the cartoonist Lan, is Italian, but lives in Rio de Janeiro since 1952 and settled in Pedro do Rio 40 years ago. At age 87, the author of famous works for O Globo, Jornal do Brasil, and Correio da Manhã newspapers keeps up with his creating process despite having trouble seeing, which prevents him from reading his precious books. "The only thing I can tell very well are beautiful women. Men are only shadows", jokes the master in portraying typical Brazilian feminine curves, who, every Thursday, sends the newspaper a drawing for the Saturday edition.

The practice began in his youth in Argentina, when he made a good living writing for magazines and newspapers in Buenos Aires. "I used to spend all my money in cabarets, until (Argentine first lady) Evita Perón, owner of the company where I worked, asked me to handle a series on Cabaret women. It was hard to attend that kind of environment without getting mocked", he recalls.

A Flamengo soccer team fan and Candomblé religious, Lan was one of the founders of the newspaper Última Hora and considers himself Carioca for a long time. He's irreverent and a master in the art of punishing politicians with caricatures. His most classic caricature is Carlos Lacerda's: "O Corvo" (The Crow). "That work became famous and the politician used to call me a disgraceful Spaniard", he laughs. Larcerda was an opinionated and controversial politician and journalist.

When he entered senior age, the frustrations and limitations that arose on him were materialized on the character "Baixinho" (Shorty), who "became small facing great women, to show that they are unattainable". But that is only on paper: in fact, Lan has been married for 52 years. "I usually say I'm against marriage and in favor of Olívia, because I have always been loyal to her. My only merit is to take her every day a papaya with seeds and a cup of coffee in bed", he describes.

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