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The Laje Theater Group was created and is active in the Vila Cruzeiro slum, in the Penha neighborhood. With local residents as members, the group combines daily activities in the local slums to universal dramaturgy and showing the result of this mix in contemporary theater form. 

Created in 2000, the  Laje Theater attracts the youth from many neighborhoods for its formation and residence programs. The artistic residences take place at Arena Dicró, also in Penha.

The actor, producer and teacher Veríssimo Júnior, a founder of the group, says the company has been welcomed by the locals: "we have a faithful audience, always present, who has embraced our group in a very organic connection". 


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Address: Vila Cruzeiro, Penha - Rio de Janeiro
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Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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