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Jorge Renato restores voluntarily the altars and images of the church. Photo: Marcelo Tabach/Diadorim Ideias
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Since a very young age, Jorge Renato seemed to be destined for craftswork. Curious and dedicated, he made, at 15 years of age, his first restoration work. "But the result was not the best", he says humorously, while remembering the statue of Saint Francis he worked on. Jorge Renato researched the internet to learn about materials and techniques dominated with mastery by the Italians. He works plaster, wood, and "whatever else comes my way", he says. 

The artist is known among churches in the region where he restored and painted various images. Saints of historical importance, such as Our Lady of the Rosary, Our Lady of Sorrows, and the city patron, Saint John the Baptist of the main altar at the São João da Barra Main Church, are some of his work. 

Inspired by great national artists such as Aleijadinho and Mestre Ataíde, Jorge Renato is a Visual Arts undergraduate student and has the intention to attend a post graduate course in Art History. He is currently a voluntary worker in the restoration of Saint John the Baptist, which was where he was initiated in Catholicism. For that, he uses gold leaves, mordant, varnish, and other materials. His goal is to restore all the altars of the church before 2017. "My dream is to make the church what it once was. It is a form of gratitude to restore it to its former glory".

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