Jongo of the Barrinha Quilombo

Intangible Cultural Heritage - São Francisco de Itabapoana


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The Barrinha Quilombo (hinterland settlement founded by fugitive slaves, mostly, but also revolutionaries and refugees during colonization) holds 70 families, and according to their hierarchy, women have all the power.

Photo: Divulgação/Quilombo da Barrinha.

It is located on the banks of Highway Travessão da Barra (RJ 224), on the Campos-Barra Road; and it is one of the few Quilombos in Brazil to be close to the sea. It is there, under the full moon and the murmur of the sea, that the "jongo" starts and can be heard under the beat of the centennial drum. "It is the pure, genuine jongo", says the Quilombo's spokesman, Edson Martins.


"Ô santinha,

ô santinha,

vamo s'embora pra Barrinha"

Another particularity of the Quilombo is the fact it is located next to a cemetery of the new blacks - there is only one more in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Gamboa. In these sites the bodies of the newly arrived blacks who could not resist the crossing of the Atlantic were buried. The Quilombo does not have territorial delimitation yet and is being recognized by the Palmares Foundation, but each of the 70 families has their own piece of land, from where it earns a living.


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Address: Travessão de Barra Road, São Francisco de Itabapoana - Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (+55 22) 99891-4157 / 2789-1758 (Edson Martins)
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Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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