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One of the oldest theaters in Rio de Janeiro, it was dedicated by Dom João VI in 1813, when it was named São João Royal Theater. In 1821, the theater hosted the historic oath that sealed the Portuguese Constitution by Dom Pedro. With 1143 seats, it hosts shows, theater plays, concerts and dance performances.

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The theater is decorated by two Di Cavalcanti murals on carnival themes - the first two modernist murals in Latin America. João Caetano theater has launched several Brazilian music idols' popular projects. Eleonora Duse (1885) and Sarah Bernhard (1886) are also part of the theater's stage history. 

General Information

Address: Tiradentes Square, downtown Rio de Janeiro - Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (+55 21) 2332-9166 / 2332-9257
Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday 2pm to the end of the performance

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