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Only 30 years old, Jerônimo Magalhães has already spent almost half of his life working in the restoration of União Farm, cultural heritage and a tourist attraction of Rio das Flores.

Photo: Isabela Kassow / Diadorim Ideias

Self-taught artist and restorer, he held a job scraping the walls of the farm and discovered traces of centennial paintings and marbled works, which were restored. Magalhães also restored the farm's chapel using trompe l'oeil techniques (paintings that create optical illusions). In addition to the work at the farm, Jerônimo Magalhães also signed the restoration of Léa Pentagna House, in Valença, and Mc Laren Ranch, in Rio das Flores.


General Information

Address: União Farm - km 3.5 on Abarcamento Road
Phone: (+55 24) 2465-2428 (Fazenda União) / 2444-7550 (Jerônimo Magalhães)

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