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Daughter of a guitar player mother and a bohemian father, Janine Gaia was born in Campos dos Goytacazes, lived in the neighborhood of Vila Isabel, in Rio de Janeiro, until she was 10 years old, and moved to São João da Barra to live with her grandmother. She began her career as many musicians, singing in bars. 

Janine Gaia: awards as an interpreter. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias.

In 2006, she created the band Gaia na Gandaia, with which she performed national and international cover songs. She also composed and participated in regional festivals, focusing on a repertoire which combined samba and funk music.  

In 2013, she was awarded the Best Interpreter prize in the local "Marchinhas" Contest (a "marchinha" is a traditional Brazilian Carnival music genre which relies on humorous lyrics - its name, "little march", satirizes the seriousness of military marches). She has also been awarded first, second, third, and fourth prizes in different editions of the São João Songs Festival

On the stages of São João, she has been the opening act for Jorge Benjor, Ed Motta, and Maria Rita. She had her first child in 2010, which drove her interest to regional children's songs. With her husband, musician and producer Papaco, she created the children's show "Musicando a Cultura", supported by Sesc Grussaí. In its first edition, she performed with Papaco on the guitar, telling local stories.

Then, she prepared a show which has been performed since 2012 during summer vacation events in public schools, daycare centers, and communities in the outskirts of the city, in which she is accompanied by two child actors, including includes keyboard, bass, and percussion, telling the story of a boy born in remote times teaching plays and songs to a girl who is yet to be born.

"São João's culture has much in common with the rest of the state's. It is a culture of slaves, with much singing and dancing", says Janine, who has made concessions to attract the children. "I sing 'O Cravo e a Rosa', to the sound of axé and forró music, which are the dominant rhythms in São João. It has to be recognizable so as the kids don't get tired quickly".

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Phone: (+55 22) 99832-3348 / 99840-8486
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