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Ilê de Oxossi Candomblé Center or Ilê de Odé Baracaiá belongs to Jorge William, pai-de-santo (a priest of Umbanda, Candomblé and Quimbanda, the African-Brazilian religions) who has made formed nine filhos-de-santo (person trained by a pai-de-santo). He has two daughters and two step daughters, adopted two homeless girls, and shelters abandoned children who need help. His healing works are done with Tumba Jussara roots.

At the entrance of the center, which is on a hill, there is a bottle said to be Saint Claire's fundament, to lighten life when one passes under the portal. On the left, one finds Exu - the lord of the speaking, who represents the right and wrong, and also sex and multiplication. Whoever wants to talk to the Orisha must talk to him first.

On the right, Ogum - the lord of the roads. Candomblé ritual includes Bori table, with food for deities, Orisha food: popcorn for Obaluaiê; rice for Iemanjá; gumbo for Xangô; boiled egg with cowpea for Oxum; corn with coconut for Oshossi...

The follower who wants to be a filho-de-santo must retire for 21 days for the learning, until they become an iaô. In this stage, the hair is shaved and the Candomblé initiation ritual is performed.


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Address: Prefeito José Maria Lima Street, 357, Pacheco, Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin.

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