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In Ibitiguaçu, a small district of Santo Antônio de Pádua, there is a five-decade-old group of dramatic "folguedo" (popular festivals held annually on certain dates, in several regions of Brazil. Some have religious origin, that can be both Catholic and African, and others are folkloric celebrations) that stages the birth of Jesus.

Last of its kind in the state, the "Pastorinhas" of Ibitiguaçu is currently formed by 17 children, between six and 12 years of age, all students of the Alcino Cosendey City School. "It's a very special local tradition, a true relic of Rio", says Mestre Silvana (Master Silvana), also a servant at the school, who, for the past seven years, has participated in the group.

Besides the show produced every end of the year, the group is featured in the Pádua Folklore Festival and other events to which they are invited. Many generations of the district of Ibitiguaçu have participated in the "Pastorinhas", which, along with the Mineiro Pau  (dance set performed by men, each carrying one or two sticks of wood, developed in a circle.

The dancers perform a choreography entirely marked by the beating of sticks on the ground. It may have arisen with the Indians, who also used sticks in duels or fights, or with the Africans) and the Caxambu (dance of black African origin, practiced and preserved throughout the Southeast Region of Brazil), set the scene for what is most genuine in the popular traditions of Padua.

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Address: Maria Lúcia dos Santos Street, Ibitiguaçu, Santo Antônio de Pádua, RJ
Phone: (+55 22) 3853-3762 / 98136-0529 (Master Nico Thomaz)

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