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Musician, singer, composer, and actor, Herivelto Martins was born in Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin in 1912, son of railway agent Félix Bueno Martins and dressmaker and confectioner Dona Carlota (Ms. Carlota). At the age of 18, Herivelto moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he worked as a clown, salesperson, accountant assistant, and barber. He started in the musical carrier by composing sambas. He married the singer Dalva de Oliveira, with whom he had the group Trio de Ouro, and had three children, Peri Ribeiro is one of them. Their marriage finished with a troubled separation, that left a musical fight as heritage. On one side, Herivelto and the journalist and composer David Nasser. On the other, the powerful voice of Dalva, on the lyrics and music by Ataulfo Alves and Nelson Cavaquinho, among other names. To the song "Cabelos Brancos", by Herivelto, Dalva answered with "Tudo Acabado". "Caminhemos", "Quarto Vazio", "Caminho Certo", and "Segredo" were released by Herivelto, and Dalva came up with "Calúnia", "Errei Sim", and "Mentira de Amor". Herivelto married for the second time with Lurdes Torelly, with whom he lived for 40 years and had other four children. He died in 1992.

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