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 Photo: Julio Dias
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The Capanema Palace is one of the first examples of Brazilian modern architecture. It was built from 1937 to 1945. The project was inspired on work by architect Le Corbuisier, and headed by architect Lúcio Costa which commanded a team of young architects such as Oscar Niemeyer, Carlos Leão, Jorge Moreira, Affonso Eduardo Reidy and Ernani Vasconcellos. The building hosted the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Ten-meter stilts support the 16 story iron, concrete, limestone, English glass bricks and yellow marble building. A garden by landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx and tile panels by artist Cândido Portinari complete the architecture along with sculptures by Bruno Giorgi, Celso Antônio and Alfredo Ceschiatti, as well as paintings by Guignard e Pancetti. A bookshop, an exhibition and lecture hall are open to the public. 


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Address: Imprensa Street, 16, Downtown
Phone: (+55 21) 2240-3344

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