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Campos de Goytacazes has, at least, 50 garage bands which play Rock music in the style's various subgenres. Having members ranging from teenagers to thirty year-olds, the garage bands perform in universities, underground events and bars. In 2013, Red Jack was the winner of the Festival de Bandas de Garagem (Garage Band Festival), with its repertoire of Country and Classic Rock as well as a few original songs in English.  

Coxinha Gordurosa. Photo: Tasso Marcelo / Diadorim Ideias

Red Jack members met in school and rehearse in the singer and bass player Pedro Barcelos' house, which he shares with ten other people, from parents to siblings, in-laws and nephews. "The garage band is the source of Rock Music: you play for your own pleasure, and that's it. You rehearse in the living room, the bedroom, at the garage, and get scolded by your parents if you're too loud after 10 pm", says keyboard player and multi instrumentalist Maizena. 

The Evolução da Espécie band. Photo: Tasso Marcelo /Diadorim Ideias

Another champion at the Garage Band Festival is Evolução da Espécie, the winner of 2012's edition of the festival. Created in 2002, the group had many formations but its leader and showman is always Felipe Roots. Onstage, Roots makes a  "crossbred Brazilian" style with political lyrics. The band mixes Rock with Rap in performances with costumes and masks. "Rock 'n roll is attitude, is to confront the system", says Felipe Roots. 

Roots lives with his wife and son, with no parents to complain about the noise. Creativity compensates for the lack of resources. To make a demo album, the musician recorded the bass in his bathroom, the room with the best acoustic in his house. His guitar picks are made from margarine packaging. The instrument he uses in the performances was made from beer bottles, wire from bike wheels and a metal tube. 

A room at Gabriel Formaglio's house was made into a studio. Gabriel Formaglio is the guitar player for Coxinha Gordurosa, which plays traditional MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) songs as well as jongo (a dance and musical genre of communities of African origin from southeast Brazil) songs in Rock arrangements. Singer Gabriela Cândido developed her singing skills in churches and bars. Just like other bands created by friends of Coxinha, this band began as something informal, and now performs in shows followed by talks at public schools, in which they teach children about local samba musician Wilson Batista.  

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Phone: (+55 22) 99840-2192 (Pedro, of Red Jack) / 99747-5378 - 99772-3409 (Roots, of Evolução da Espécie) / 99930-6234 (Gabriela, of Coxinha Gordurosa)

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