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Mandolin is a complicated instrument, difficult to learn. Francisco Azevedo did try to escape the obligation, but his brothers insisted, his mother said he had to, and he started strumming the first chords while still a boy. He used to say: "if I have my mandolin, pen and paper, the world is at my feet". Francisco was born and raised on the Sambê Mountains, the highest spot of Rio Bonito.


He has worked the land, owned a small store (but has never sold liquor), and done masonry. He was proud of his wife, Selma, and children. But the mandolin was the apple of his eye. He used to hold his mandolin under his arm and go up on his house's roof, whenever there was a party, turn on the speakers and play for the whole city to hear.


People loved it and encouraged him. Francisco, however, played just a little so that people would miss it. Artist's vanity, of course. Francisco also writo poems and rhymed stories, took care of plants, and went to church.


There was a rule at the temple he frequented that the musician did not like, though: women could not care too much for their looks ? something he liked very much. His mandolin, however, he took very good care of.


Francisco Azevedo passed away in April, 2014. 

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