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Flor do Oriente Three Kings' Day parade. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Duque de Caxias has had many Three Kings' Day parade groups, a religious expression brought to Brazil by the Portuguese. Few resisted. The Flor do Oriente is one of them. 

Flor do Oriente Three Kings' Day parade Photo: Isabela Kassow / Diadorim Ideias

For 150 years, four generations of the Vincente de Moraes family carry the same flag that came from Minas Gerais, with the Mestre Miguel Vicente de Moraes (Master Miguel Vicente de Moraes), in 1944. Then, the post was assumed by Manoel, Marcos, Miguel, and Waldir, who is the current Master Rogério Silva de Moraes' uncle. Rogério, in his turn, is the husband of Leonor Sant'Anna, Waldir's daughter, who will take over shortly.

Flor do Oriente's regulations are severe. Those who participate in the parade cannot sit, cannot lie down on the job, nor drink water while not allowed by the Master. On December 24, the group opens the flag at Saint Joseph the Worker Church and from there, goes to the house of the first devotee. From house to house, nobody sleeps until the 20th of January.

The groups visit as many houses as requested. Besides the whole family, Flor do Oriente has more than 40 members, who only rest after the "Festa do Arremate" (the last celebration of the season), in April, when the groups from throughout the region get together. 

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From December 24 to January 20.

Address: Felinto Almeida Street, 429, Vila Rosário.
Phone: (+55 21) 3663-5457/99325-3602 (Rogerio or Nora)
E-mail address: rogerionora_flordooriente@hotmail.com

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