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Created in 2009, the "Cia Flamencos de Mi Serra" (Flamencos de Mi Serra Dance Company) has 12 members who are deeply influenced by Spanish culture. Dancers are Petropolis residents and, in the city, they are pioneers in this dance considered by Unesco an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. "I studied flamenco in Rio de Janeiro with the experienced choreographer Renato Marques. Then, I decided to bring the seeds of this cultural tradition to Petropolis and gather interested dancers", says Rose May Nogueira, creator and director of Cia Flamencos de Mi Sierra, the only of its kind in the city.

The group's performances mix dance, singing, theater, literature and film. "Our idea is to open opportunities to any form of expression inspired in flamenco", says Rose. In 2013, the group premièred its well-received multimedia piece "Lorca ? O último Passo", based on the works of Federico Gracia Lorca, Andalusian musician and writer who was very influential in the promotion of flamenco dance. The choreography was a creation of Renato Marques, who today is a sponsor and artistic director of the company. 

Clapping and tapdancing are skills which must be practiced to perfection as they are the trademarks of this company which performs sold out shows at the Municipal Theater of Petropolis. The group has Rose as a member as well as Dalia Roiberk, Consuelo Carriles, Iashalom Guinle, Erica Silva, Claire Tesch, Gardenia Lago, Rafael Bazano Maicon de Souza and Wálmis Balielo Carrington, who are proud wearers of the black and red outfits traditional of the group. 

General Information

Address: Aureliano Coutinho Street, 67, Terrace 2, downtown Petropolis (Studio Stella de Mello)
Phone: (+55 24) 981825877 (Dalia Roiberk) / 998287748 (Rose May)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CIA-FLAMENCOS-DE-MI-SIERRA/269594939741364?id=269594939741364&sk=info

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