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Filhos da Águia Children's Samba School is one of the highlights at the children's parade at the Sambadrome. Performers at the Opening Wing made the public respond incredibly well in the first sector of the stands - which is usually a good indicator of the school's performance throughout the parade in the Marques de Sapucaí Avenue.

The 1,200 integrants, divided into 18 wings and following the rhythm of 150 percussionists, parade from beginning to end giving all their energy. Vinícius Martins, a 14 year-old Mestre-Sala, and Osana Cruz, 16 year-old Porta-Bandeira, did their best performances in 2011 and received from the Associação das Escolas Mirins do Rio de Janeiro - Aesmi (Rio de Janeiro Children's Samba Schools Association) the award of best Mestre-Sala and Porta-Bandeira that year. "We feel everything - anxiety, emotion and the weight of the responsibility to carry the banner, which is the school's heart.

Filhos da Águia follows the footsteps of its "mother" school, Portela, and also wants to win many awards", says Osana. Her partner Vinicius loves samba and says the role of Mestre-Sala helps everything - from the body posture to the sense of responsibility: "qualities invaluable for being successful in the future". Osana and Vinicius families are keen to samba. The father of the Porta-Bandeira Mirim is director of cuícas (Brazilian friction drums) at Portela and Vila Isabel samba schools - his brother, Osana's uncle, is the Diretor de Harmonia (the person responsible for the pace of the school's wings at the Sambadrome, making sure there are no gaps between or within them and that the parade finishes on time) at Unidos da Tijuca.

Osana's mother is Diretora de Harmonia at Portela. Vinicius has a brother who plays drums for Império Serrano, and another who is Mestre-Sala at Acadêmicos da Rocinha. Filhos da Águia has musicians Paulinho da Viola and Marisa Monte as "godparents" and is open to children and teenagers from 5 to 18 years old. "The best part is these kids are here because they love the samba, there are no disputes or clash of egos as in the traditional samba schools", says president Pedro Faria.

The person in charge of Filhos da Águia is the second vice-president 42 year-old long-haired brunette Nilce Fran. Bubbly atop stilettos, she seductively wears a tiny dress and has tight control over rehearsals in the court at Osvaldo Cruz Association. She teaches children to samba as early as four months before Carnival.  Throughout the year, students also learn singing and percussion. "What distinguishes Portela is the school trains professionals since their childhood. At the parade, children show the result of such commitment and dedication", she says.

Nilce Fran divides her time between samba and her roast chicken business ? Frangos Fran ? which has two stores in Rio de Janeiro's outskirts. During carnival, she shines as the director of the samba marchers' wing of Portela and parades on of the many elaborate floats of Mangueira Samba School. Her greatest passion is, though, Filhos da Águia. "That's all I do throughout the year. I don't get my nails manicured. I don't date. It is a great struggle to prepare everything for the parade at the Avenue. And to see these kids perform is what makes my heart beat".

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