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 Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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The most important space for events in Quatis, the Country Fair Events Venue occupies an area of more than 14,000 square meters, with capacity for around 30,000 people. It is where the most traditional festivities and those who attract the largest audiences occur. The forró music (a traditional Northeastern Brazilian music genre) is a constant in all the festivities. A permanent stage faces a large area for dancing.

The most impotant space for events in Quatis, the Country Fair Events Venue. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

The Country Fair itself takes place at the second and fourth Sundays of the month. Food stalls with typical products of the region are assembled, theater plays, folkloric dances, and concerts happen alongside a large ballroom for forró dancing which begins after lunch until dusk. 

Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

The Country Fair welcomes visitors from several neighbor cities and is considered the greatest event of the city. Local manufacturers take opportunity to display and sell products like cachaça, sausage, honey, greens, fruits, and vegetables. A unit of the project Ponto de Cultura that takes place at the same location, the Country Fair with Art offers craftwork, music, and dance workshops. 


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Every second and the fourth Sundays of the month. 

Address: Doutor Carlos Haasis Street, 59, Quatis.
Phone: (+55 24) 3353-2179

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