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The Sociedade Musical Beneficente Euterpe Friburguense (Euterpe Friburguense Musical Society) originated out of a vow made by Portuguese maestro Samuel Antônio dos Santos. 

In 1858, he left Lisbon in a Portuguese navy ship to Argentina. A storm hit the ship during the travels and, as a Saint Anthony devotee, the maestro asked for divine protection. If all people in the ship survived, he would create a music band and a church for the saint in the first city the ship docked.Euterpe Friburguense Musical Society. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias

The band was founded in 1863 and Santos was its conductor for 22 years. In 1884 he built the chapel of Saint Anthony in the neighborhood of Suspiro. In 151 years of activity, the Euterpe Friburguense is one of the oldest bends in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

It was applauded by composer Heitor-Villa Lobos in 1915; it welcomed the then president Getúlio Vargas in 1932, and closed the rally of the presidential campaign of Juscelino Kubitscheck in 1955. After elected, Juscelino became the President of Honour and contributing Member of the band. 

In 2002, the Euterpe Friburguense was awarded the first place in the Concurso de Bandas Civis da Secretaria de Estado de Cultura do Rio (Rio de Janeiro State Department of Culture Civic Bands Contest). It is considered municipal and state public utility. Its current building was constructed in 1916. The Society has a main and a second band as well as a music school and a regular school which offer professional training free of charge.

The current maestro, Nelson José da Silva Neto, made part of the band when he was 12 years old and is the conductor for the band since 2004, maintaining a varied repertoire of songs. "The band is my life, I've spent more time in it than at home", he says. One of the stars in the Euterpe Friburguense is Marcos da Conceição, a former construction builder and current clarinet player in the band.  The music society is also made of great stories. 

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Address: Euterpe Friburguense Avenue, 53
Phone: (+55 22) 2521-1085

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