Estrela do Oriente Three Kings' Day Parade Group

Intangible Cultural Heritage - Paraty


Whoever plays the ciranda (Brazilian folk dance and music genre similar to the ring-around-the-rosy)also takes part in the Three Kings' Day celebrations. In Paraty, masters and players get together and nobody wants to miss this party. Created officially in 2007 by Nilton de Aguiar, also known as Nilton Piranha, Estrela do Oriente Three Kings' Day Parade Group gathers many ciranda masters. Among them, Zizi, playing the cavaco; João Paciência, on the tambourine; Nilton Piranha, on the tambourine; Ditinho, on the accoustic guitar; and Alvinho, on the timba.

General Information

Address: No headquarters.
Phone: (+55 24) 99246-6177 (NiltonAguiar) / (+55 24) 3371-6272 (Zizi)

Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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