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Ms. Esperança Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Edvaldo Freire, 36, has been promoting, since 2011, a project to build a local audiovisual archive, in which he records and exhibits testimonials of residents of the city in a public square, usually near their homes. The idea is that, by telling their own stories, these people also reveal the history of the city, in an effort to preserve the city's heritage.

Until the beginning of the year 2012, seven residents of Levy Gasparian had already participated in the project. Among them, Dona Esperança Ricardo (Ms. Esparança Rivardo), 92, who lives in the downtown area of the city and had 11 children born with the help of midwives; and José Nunes, 87, a resident of Mont Serrat, also known as Zé Perereca, who was the greatest goldsmith of the region and built, by himself, his own house and a pirate radio station in his backyard. The video on his life story was the "box-office hit" of the season: about 100 people watched the video on the main square in Mont Serrat.

The other residents featured in the series so far are: confectioner Dona Alvair (Ms. Alvair); Lúcia, who works in the Pastoral Care for children; capoeira practitioner Master Diolísio; cultural agitator Seu Jairo (Mr. Jairo), and the trio Jorge Meyer, Ivan Moreira, and Valmir (Binga), who promote highly attended parties in the community. The project is temporarily called 'tv.com'. Edvaldo wants to create a community TV in town, in partnership with Marcos Martins. The next step is to create a DVD with the testimonials to be distributed to local schools.

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Address: Comendador Levy Gasparian - RJ
Phone: (+55 24) 98128-0132 / (+55 24) 98819-1027
E-mail address: freire_ed@hotmail.com, ed.freire@yahoo.com.br

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