Ecological Tour of Pomba and Paraíba do Sul Rivers

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Since 2010, the Paduan canoeist Miguel Mullin conducts an annual Ecological Tour of Pomba and Paraíba do Sul Rivers. Athlete of canoeing and participating in local and regional competitions, Mullin's event aims to raise awareness for the preservation and remediation of the main river of Padua, the Pomba. The tour lasts three days and it is already part of the sporting calendar in the city. 

Adventurers run in canoes for nearly 200 miles of rapids and reach Campos and São João da Barra, through Paraíba do Sul River. There are stops on islands, waterfalls, stretches of Pomba River with small beach and fishing of several species of fish without net (in the district of Paroquena).

The itinerary includes a meeting of Pomba and Paraíba do Sul Rivers, which finishes at the beach Atafona in São João da Barra. The registration is made through food donation.

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