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Dormitório das Garças Eco Park. Photo: Cris Isidoro/ Diadorim Ideias
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The Dormitório das Garças Eco Park, opened in June 2007, World Environment Day, was the first environmental conservation unit established in Cabo Frio. The park is a center for the dissemination of preservation techniques and green awareness. It regularly holds environmental education activities (such as lectures, park visits, and presentation video screenings) for students from public and private schools, and also serves as the headquarters of the Conselho Municipal de Defesa do Meio Ambiente-Condema (Municipal Council for the Defense of the Environment).

Moreover, the park opens up, upon previous authorization, to undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees researchers. Currently the park has an auditorium which fits 80 people, and also a viewpoint where you can enjoy the arrival and departure of herons which inhabit the area. With a good visitor average, it received 1,300 people in July 2012, among foreigners (Denmark, UK, Chile, Argentina, and others) and Brazilians (Ceará, Belém, Minas Gerais, Brasília, São Paulo, and others).

General Information

Address: Wilson Mendes Avenue, Porto do Carro - Cabo Frio
Opening hours:

From 8am to 5pm. Free admission.

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