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Her house is small, ordinary, but attracts people from everywhere searching for comfort and hope; Odília do Nascimento Santiago's Table of the Holy Spirit is known in the city and surroundings. She is 86 and arrived in Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin when she was 25, coming from Minas Gerais. She says she learned "pure prayers" with her aunt, who learned from her ancestor.

Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

Dona Odília (Ms. Odília) has participated in spiritists tables that could have 90 mediums, but she has never left her Table of the Holy Spirit, since she had her first vision of Cabloco from Pedra Branca. "I saw an Indian in the middle of the forest, when I was young, and since then, he never left me anymore. I learned what I know about prayers with God and with three deities: God is Father, God is Guide, God is Equality", she says.

Dona Odília prays for everything: "fallen" stickleback, evil eye, envy, snake bite. "If it is a serious problem and the entities cannot fix it, I sent them to the white men because physicians are valuable", she says. But not without trying everything. From bathes with herbs like rue, guinea, mastic, and others, to prayers with candles and chalices - life, death, and providence. If there is no fixing, the candle falls, says the healer. Married for a decade with a man 32 years younger, Dona Odília had four kids in the first marriage. "I just have to want to leave, but my table won't let me", she says.

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Address: Edmundo Francisco Lima Street, 185, Engenheiro Paulo de Frontin.
Phone: (+55 24) 99967-6971 (Dona Odília)

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