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A former member of the "Pastorinhas" folk group, Dona Neí Novato Turque (Ms. Neí Novato Turque), is an expert on Christmas Pageants, which celebrate the birth of Jesus. After 72 years, the short and chatty lady recalls, emotionally, her years in the group. "I have represented all roles in the 'Pastorinhas': from the youngest Star to the oldest Gypsy", she says, excitedly. 

Dona Neí knows by heart all the songs of the popular festivity. She always attends the rehearsals of the current group, led by Mestre Silvana (Master Silvana), and is very demanding with the new generation of members, for they have to play their parts with excitement.

"You have to make it right so the presentation turns out well. Girls usually know exactly what they have to do, but when the time comes, they get embarrassed", she complains, while she plays with her hands part of the choreography. Nostalgic, Dona Neí hopes that, in 2012, the "Senior Pastorinhas" group will finally get off the ground.

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