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The building that headquarters, nowadays, the Defensor Perpétuo Fort Museum was constructed, in 1793, in the first settlement center in the town of Paraty, on the Vila Velha Hill. In 1822, the fort was rebuilt to be the main defense complex in the coast of Paraty.

Defensor Perpétuo Fort. Photo: Juliana Radler/ Diadorim Ideias

In 1957, it was listed by the National Secretary for Historical and Artistic Heritage (current National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage). In 1989, it received the Center for Popular Arts and Traditions, which opened to the public exhibitions on the "caiçara" (local) culture.

The building retains its original features: inside, there is the Commander's House, the Troops Barracks wing, and the Lower-rank Barracks wing, where corporals and sergeants resided. On the outside, there are the Powder House, which houses "caiçara" artifacts, and the "Plaza de Armas", with an exhibition of the artillery - collection mainly composed of pieces in cast iron forged in Britain during the second half of the 18th century.

In the Military Barracks, there are pots for sugar production, manufactured in England in the 18th century. The museum also displays pieces from local farms (Paraty-Mirim region), like logs, oxcarts, and drums.

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Address: Vila Velha Hill, Pontal, Paraty
Phone: (+55 24) 3373-1038
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Tue-Sun, from 9am to noon and from 1pm to 5pm.

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