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Damião Gervazo is an "alabê", the chief priest of the atabaque (a tall, wooden, African-Brazilian hand drum) players and ditty singer. "Atabaque was the first communication vehicle in the world, and that is what makes the connection with spiritual forces", he explains, pointing to the three atabaques used in candomblé - Pi (small), Le (medium), Run (big).

Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

Descendant of Angolans, Damião is a religious person who prays in Bantu and reads Cowrie Shells to get to know Orisha's guidance. He belongs to candomblé, and he has long knowledge on umbanda, catimbó, table of the Holy Spirit. "We can have the healing in our hands. The famous slave Anastasia was an African queen who healed any wound just by putting her hand on it", he says, before singing "life igorossi, cotia knife, omoloco prayer".

Damião has been studying religion for many years; he knows everything about African-Brazilian religious doctrines and about pais and mães de santo (priests of Umbanda, Candomblé and Quimbanda, the African-Brazilian religions). He also works at the City Hall; he is responsible for Carnival street band Mata Atlântica; composer of more than 58 sambas for region Carnival groups; and National Council for Human Rights commissioner.

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