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The project "Corujão da Poesia ? Universo da Leitura", that happens at Espaço 29 Café, in the neighborhood of Icaraí, which turns into stage for all artistic events, with free admission. Poems, skits, musical acts, dances, and manifestos are presented, as well as book and CD launches. The project promotes a campaign to collect books for libraries and for the so-called "points for the release of books" - police stations, hospitals, orphanages, Internet cafés, and state residents associations.

The poetry project was created, in 2007, by João Luís de Souza, a cultural advisor and Literature Professor at the Salgado de Oliveira University, in Niterói. At present, there are editions of the event at Saraiva, a chain of bookstores, in the neighborhoods of Leblon and Barra da Tijuca, in Rio, and at Guttenberg Bookstore, in the city of São Gonçalo.

Over the years, the project has collected approximately 350,000 books for free distribution. In 2012, French-language titles were sent to Haiti through Brazil's Peace Mission in that country. The project has a partnership with the National Library, in Rio, with the Network of Reading Agents, the Pernambuco International Literary Festival (Fliporto), and the Paraty Literary Festival (Flip).

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Fortnightly event (first and third Thursday of each month)

Address: Espaço 29, Moreira César Street, 29, Icaraí, Niterói
Phone: (+55 21) 3628-0094
E-mail address: /
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From 7pm to 12pm

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