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After directing 18 plays in Rio de Janeiro, Três Rios-native Rodrigo Portella returned to his home city to create his own theater company. In 2010, Cortejo Theater Company was created, a company composed of young actors from the country which are receiving great reviews from critics and the public everywhere they perform.


The company's first production, Uma História Oficial, participated in many festivals and was nominated for the Shell Award in the Best Direction category for Rodrigo Portella, who also acted at the play. Their most recent work, Antes da Chuva, from 2013, took the company to the Curitiba Festival and the Cena Contemporânea Festival in Brasília. The play was also performed shortly at Sede das Cias, in Rio de Janeiro.


"Três Rios has a strong vocation for theater, which was influenced by the Viriato Corrêa group, the oldest amateur theater group still in activity in the country. Our company is a consequence of this movement", says Rodrigo, who has enjoyed the success at work. "In the end, artists want to make money doing what they love", he celebrates. Lívia Gomes, Bruna Portella, Tairone Vale, Luan Vieira and Léo Marvet are also part of Cortejo Theater Company.  

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Address: Doutor Bernardo Belo Street, 20 - downtown Três Rios
Phone: (+55 24) 2252-2176 / 98854-5333 / 98854-5444
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