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Conservatória House of Culture. Foto: Isabela Kassow/ Diadorim Ideias

Built between 1820 and 1830, it was owned by the coffee producing family of Francisco Leite Ribeiro and priest João Pedro Seabra. The house hosts exhibitions and has a small collection of radios and record players, including a 1910 gramophone and others. A hall is dedicated to Portuguese painter José Maria de Almeida, who arrived in Brazil when 13 years old.

Fifty pieces by Luiz Figueiredo, who has works on display in naïf art museums in Europe are also part of the house's collection, which was restored by the Portinari Foundation in partnership with the City Department of Culture. The artist lived in Conservatória as a child, had studios in Paris and Rotterdam, but always returned to the city where he got his inspiration from. The water fountain at the square in Conservatória was part of Luiz Figueiredo's apartment in Copacabana.

The House of Culture owns the Seresta Museum collection, since the museum was closed in 2011: photos, songs, and other items about serestas (a name given, in the 20th century to the popular tradition of singing serenades and romantic songs at night, through the streets of a city or town) are kept by the institution. The house is the starting point for serenade groups to roam the city on Fridays and Saturdays, meeting at 8pm and leaving for the procession at 11pm, in which they arrive at the former museum and then take over the streets. 

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Quarta a sexta, das 9h às 17h; sábados, das 9h às 18h e aos domingos, das 9h às 12h30.

Address: Monsenhor Paschoal Librelotto Street, 307, Conservatória, Valença - RJ
Phone: (+55 24) 2438-0060
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Wed to Fri, from 9am to 5pm. Sat, from 9am to 6pm. Sun, from 9h to 12:30pm. 

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