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Dominos Mask Contest.  Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias
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Carnival in São João da Barra features a traditional Domino (traditional Venetian Carnival masks) mask contest, inspired by the Commedia Dell'arte Theater. The contest has taken place for 25 years and has categories such as children and adults, luxury (individual and groups), and creativity (individual and groups).

Wearing masks, the participants are only identified after the announcement of winners. The award is an initiative by the City Administration and prizes include money, trophies, and gifts. Judges are rigorous, though: the mask must cover the entire face of the contestant or they are disqualified.

Seventeen year-old Thalles Malhardi has participated in the last three editions and is one of the most excited about the contest: "in the heat or in the rain, I will always be part of the contest. I also have a brother and a nephew who participate".

Thalles is a contestant in the Domino category and says his parents help with the making of the costume. "The best part is we only reveal our identities after the results and people are always surprised", he says. He also loves to dance the samba: he has been parading with local samba school "Chinês" for seven years and is also a percussionist for Chatuba Street Band.

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