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A musician at the Lira Santa Cecília Musical Society, Claudio also produces documentaries and researches on folkloric characters in São José do Vale do Rio Preto. The writer has also collaborated for the "Associação Calçada da Cultura" (Calçada da Cultura Cultural Association), to preserve local history through his work. He has also written books about three illustrious city inhabitants: Tom Jobim, Tião da Suda, and Teteco."Tom Jobim em São José" is a short biography about the musician who spent his childhood in São José do Vale do Rio Preto, covering the relationship between him and the city.

Another local immortalized by his writings is Tião da Suda, also known as Sebastião Rufino de Jesus. A pastry and sweet cook, Tião was always by the entrance of a school with a basket full of delicacies. He used to sell them "on the cuff" and give everyone nicknames. He would also make charades, which are the theme of Claudio's book.

Teteco is another city personality who had his history preserved by the writer. A samba musician and cook, Teteco was proud to have prepared dishes ? strogonoff, grilled chicken with potato chips, and various fish with cooked potatoes ? for Queen Elizabeth, when working at Quitandinha Hotel. He played the tambourine and founded the Unidos de Santa Fé Samba School, of which he was twice the inspiration for the theme song. He spent some time in Rio de Janeiro and, in the bohemian neighborhood of Lapa, he was known as "Marrom". Legendary Madame Satã, famous homosexual "malandro" (bad boy) influenced Teteco into becoming a cook, offering him a job as janitor at a ship.

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