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For 33 years Sorriso Feliz Criações Artísticas group performs puppet shows in the Coastal Lowlands region, in addition to organizing the Festival Nacional de Teatro de Bonecos-Bonecart (Puppet Theater National Festival), since 1987. Its biggest success is the show "Minha Favela Querida", going on since 1990.

Photo: Cris Isidoro/Diadorim Ideias

The show features more than 50 dolls and displays the daily lives of a slum's residents. It was the winner of several national awards and was also on seasons at Villa Lobos Theater in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the Brazilian Comedy Theater in São Paulo.

Founder of Sorriso Feliz group and awarded with the Culture on the Theater trophy in 2011, Clarêncio Rodrigues was born in Cabo Frio and specializes in the art of marionettes. At the age of 9, he was taken for a ride at the amusement park by his sister, where he fell in love with puppetry. From a young age, Clarêncio started creating his own puppets and in 1979 founded Sorriso Feliz group with relatives and friends.

The puppets were made of plastic bottles and Clarêncio presented with his group only at birthday parties and weddings. Today his son Ramon Rodrigues helps him to amuse and delight children with the puppets. Together, father and son have the show "Quem Canta e Conta, Encanta", where the puppets interpret picturesque characters of the city.

This self-taught artist lived with two traditional local puppeteers, deceased Antônio de Gastão and Zé Barbosa. The puppeteering art flourished in Cabo Frio thanks to this duo of artists who used to cross Búzios to arrive in Arraial do Cabo, often by mule, to perform.

Gastão and Zé Barbosa's puppets, at first made in wood and then in styrofoam, showed a dramatic life and personality. Gastão had a book published in 1986 by Funarte Publishing House called "Pescador de Cabo Frio", which included his ideas. The book was released when he was 76 years old and is listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage bibliography recommended by Instituto Estadual do Patrimônio Cultural-Inepac (State Institute of Cultural Heritage).

The group's headquarters are located in the Espaço Sorriso Feliz center, open from Tuesday through Sunday with shows at 7h30pm and 8h30 pm.

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Address: Jorge Lossio Street, 453, Cabo Frio - RJ
Phone: (+55 22) 2645-3079

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