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The Rio Bonito Cinema Festival, organized by the Rio Bonito Itinerant Exhibition Nucleus, got to its 3rd edition in 2012. A good surprise, celebrate the organizers. And they have a good reason for doing so. Since the first edition, the event gets applications from movies from all over the country. The festival is held at Rio Bonito Music and Drama Society, for three days, and gives out the award "Prêmio Mariola" for the best in the following categories: short movie, direction, actor, actress, costume, screenplay, assembly, photography, makeup, animation, soundtrack, and documentary. As the festival aims high, it offers also the special awards "Prêmio Especial de Júri" and "Prêmio Júri Popular".

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Address: Rio Bonito Music and Drama Society - Manuel Duarte Avenue, 981, Downtown

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