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This traditional gathering of poets and artists celebrated 20 years in 2010. The name is short for "Centro de Experimentação Poética" (Poetic Experimentation Center) and the event is headed by poet Chacal and Guilherme Zarvos. The gathering has brought together great names in the arts and culture of Rio, such as Waly Salomão, Michel Melamed, Deborah Colker, Dado Vila-Lobos, José Damasceno, among others.

In search for new talent, CEP is open to new artists to showcase their work. This creative exchange makes CEP 20,000 one of the great avant-garde events in the city having music, performance, literature and other arts as its ingredients. Chacal wrote a poem, entitled "CEP", which defines the event as undefinable: "só indo / só vendo / ouvindo / vivendo" (only going / seeing / listening / living).

CEP 20,000 takes place at Sérgio Porto Cultural Center on the last Thursday of every month, starting at 8pm. Admission price is R$ 5.00.

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Address: Humaitá Street, 163, Humaitá
Phone: (+55 21) 2535-3846

Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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