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A real cinephile, former Chief of Police Ivo Raposo decided to make of his house in Conservatória a movie theater. Born in Tijuca, a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Raposo was a regular at the former Metro movie theater in the city.


He managed to acquire the original items from the theater, which were going to waste after the theater was closed in 1971. "I saved the original seats, lamps, tapestries and film projectors. Since I did not have enough money to recreate the original Metro theater, I built the Milímetro in my living room, to screen films for family and friends", he says.


After the Milímetro, Raposo decided to make an expansion to his backyard and, in 2005, the Cine Centímetro was opened as a precise replica of the 60-seat Metro movie theater. "I could not keep this historic treasure all to myself, so I opened the doors to film lovers such as myself", he says, "and the project was so successful I cannot tell whether I live in a house with a movie theater or if it is the other way around".


During his youth, Raposo was a projectionist at a small movie theater in Tijuca. He made a career in the Police, but the silver screen was always his passion. Raposo also created a film festival in Conservatória, the Cine Música, which, since 2007, showcases films, music and gastronomy in the seresta city (seresta is a name given, in the 20th century, to the popular tradition of singing serenades and romantic songs at night, through the streets of a city or town).

The former Chief of Police also organizes film sessions for local visitors hosted at Valença hotels.

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Address: José Ferreira Borges Street, 205, Parque Veneza - Conservatória
Phone: (+55 21) 2235-2543/ (+55 24) 2438-1815
Website: http://www.conservatoria.com.br/cinemacentimetro/

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