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Casa da Hera Museum. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Installed in a ranch built in 1830, it features 22 rooms which house a valuable collection of pieces from the 19th century, such as furniture, paintings, porcelain, silverware, personal items, garments, and household items.

Casa da Hera Museum. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

Among the highlights are a series of clothes signed by masters of international couture of the time, as Charles Worth; one of only two copies of the French Henri Herz piano in operation in the world (the other is in Strasbourg, France); and utensils in wood signed by Carlos Spangemberg, who made the canes used by Dom Pedro II.


In the conservatory, centennial rose bushes of a rare species that has no thorns are found. Externally, the green area of ??the farm occupies an area of ??33,000 square meters, with native trees and an exotic bamboo tunnel. The natural wealth of the place led to the development of the Eco Club, an ecological project for students of local public schools.


The Casa da Hera Museum also has a library, whose collection consists of about 1,000 books and 3,000 periodicals. Moreover, many stories contribute to give more charm to the place, which represents the economic prosperity of the coffee cycle in the city. Among the most talked about are those that involve Eufrásia, one of Joaquim José Teixeira Leite's daughter (he was one of the most important stewards of the coffee in the region).

After living many years in France, Eufrásia, raised atypically by her father for the standards of the time, became the manager of the family fortune. Elegant, independent, willful, and admired by the French aristocracy, she never married, although she maintained a long and troubled relationship with the politician from Pernambuco and abolitionist Joaquim Nabuco.

The love story between the two was retold through letters they exchanged, which reveal many fights. Known as "the most charming mustache in the Court", for being a lady's man, Joaquim Nabuco was engaged to Eufrásia three times: in all cases, the proactive manager of the Casa da Hera called off the wedding for not accepting the amorous betrayals by one of the most important figures in the Brazilian history.

One of the first women to invest in the stock market, Eufrásia incredibly multiplied the wealth of the family and died a century after the construction of the ranch, in 1930 without heirs.

She was the last owner of the house, which was closed for almost 50 years and has become a museum, where a significant cultural agenda is promoted, such as the Eco Club gatherings, a Cinema Club, a Reading Club, the project "Contar e Brincar Histórias" (Playing and Telling Stories), and a Zé Pereira (a Carnival expression characterized by one or more revelers playing bass drums and marching on parade) workshop.

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