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Carlos Jardel studies musical theory at the Posse Social Band and Santa Cecília Music School, in Petrópolis. He plays the trombone since 1988 and livens up the Carnival balls with his music throughout the region's clubs.

Since he is the chairman of the "Associação Ambiental Recicla Areal-Acara" (Environmental Association Areal Recycles) he was given the opportunity to manage a unit of the project Ponto de Cultura and establish an old-style marching band with 25 students. Jardel also writes novels and other genres of fiction. For the Brazilian Academy of Letters book "Crônicas da Cidade Amada", edited by Arnaldo Niskier (Brazilian journalist, professor, and writer), Jardel wrote a chronicle about Areal and its people.

In 2003, Jardel wrote "O Andarilho", a fiction work about pedophilia, inspired on a friend of his, and "Contos & Desencontros" (a wordplay based on a Brazilian expression meaning "matches and mismatches" with the word "tale" added - the result is something like "Tales and Mismatches"), a selection of short stories and articles he wrote for the São José do Vale do Rio Preto Newspaper.

"Many texts are inspired in stories heard at the Seu Antônio da Carne Seca Bar, where I am part of the seresta group Los Pingas", he says.

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