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Capa Comics is the first comic book set in the Baixada Fluminense (Rio's Lowlands region). It was launched in 2013 and gathers a group of determined local artists. "Our intention is to spread the idea that it is possible to make a regional comic book, with characters and situations that represent our own daily lives", explains João Carpalhau, project's founder and editor-in-chief.

Carpalhau overcame dyslexia in his childhood, being taught how to read and write with the help of comics by his mother, who was a teacher.


Capa Comics. Photo Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias


After all, why does every superhero have to be born in the USA? And why does every super villain have to destroy New York City? In Capa Comics, the cities of Duque de Caxias, Belford Roxo, Magé, São João de Meriti, and Nova Iguaçu are the backgrounds for all sorts of fantastic events. In Polly Pumpkins, for example, a duo dreams to emerge on the local music scene. "The story is set in Imbariê, Caxias neighborhood where I live", says the designer Alexandre Ludgério.


Character Detrito, who came out of Carpalhau's imagination, is a "crooked" hero made of feces found on Sarapuí River. Another highlight is the Cópia Comics section, featuring parodies of famous international stories, such as "Gastãozinho, o Fantasminha da Baixada" (Gaston, the Friendly Ghost from Baixada), written by Sumpa to criticize the so-called "ghost workers" (referring to people that are recruited by public institutions, receive their salaries, but do not show up to work).


The collective's name was inspired by the legendary Tenório Cavalcanti, known as the "Homem da Capa Preta" (Man in the Black Cape). He is also one of the characters of the book, designed by Antonio Wally. Despite having an online version, it is the print version of the publication, in A5 paper, that fills its producers with pride.


"Our training comes from the comic books we found in book antiquarians. I could wait for months to buy a new magazine", recalls Hamilton Kabuna, who has adapted the verses by poet Solano Trindade, from Pernambuco, to the comics language. "It may seem contradictory for the 21st century, but wanted to do a print magazine to reach readers from areas within the Baixada where access to the internet is not easy, such as Xerém and Magé", Sumpa explains.

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