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The "Circuito Eco-Rural Caminhos do Brejal" (Caminhos do Brejal Eco-Rural Circuit) is a tourism project in which 12 members have their properties open for visitation. The tour offers knowledge about fresh and dried herbs, organic preserves, flavored olive oils,  vegetable seedlings and even about escargot production.

The Brejal is known as a small rustic paradise in the Posse district of Petropolis. It is ideal for those wanting to learn about agriculture and rural lifestyle. One of the highlights of the tour is the Provence restaurant and hotel, inspired on Southern French cuisine and architecture. 

Amidst a herbarium perfumed by aromatic herbs, the Brejal shop offers herbs, wild honey, fruit preserves, mustard, vinegar and other products. In the property owned by entrepreneurs Maria Lucia and Joaquim Nabuco, visitors can also harvest the products which they intend to purchase.

The shops Floricultura Brejal, Shangrilah, Armazém Sustentável,  Arte em Comum Studio, Sítio Katsumoto, Alamanda Hotel,  Massangana Stables, Escargots Invernada, Jeep tour, Paraíso and Serra Verde Imperial Hotel are also part of the list of members of the Circuito Eco-Rural Caminhos do Brejal.

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Address: Brejal – Posse District
Phone: (+55 24) 2259-2662 (tour guides)
E-mail address:

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