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It may seem odd to those who live in urban centers, but the use of the canoe as a means of transportation is something that is part of the routine of the residents of the city of Paraty and its surroundings.

"The canoe is to 'caiçaras' (those who live by the sea) as the subway for workers in large centers", compares Almir Tã, fisherman and artist, highlighting that 'caiçara' canoe is a Brazilian intangible cultural asset. National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage's Advisory Board considered relevant the application of the asset and is developing a study to carry out its listing process.


The term "caiçara", of Tupi-Guarani origin, was used to denote the stakes made ??of tree branches that Indians stuck it in the water to gather the fish. Over time, the word came to designate the coastal communities in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Paraná. Despite its large size, there are common cultural and social elements in the entire "caiçara" territory. The canoe, carved from native wood trunks, is one of the fundamental identity traits of the "caiçara" way of life.


"Besides being essential for the transport, especially for those who live on an island, it is the most perfect element of connection between the fisherman and the fishing", says Almir. Mestre Vitor (Master Vitor), from Trindade, is one of those that preserve the knowledge and the activity in the region: "I ??have great affection for canoes. My friends joke with me saying that one of these days I'll take the canoe to sleep in my bed and send my wife to sleep on the beach", he laughs and says he learned how to canoe alone.


The Campaign for the "Caiçara" Canoe as a Country's Intangible Heritage can be followed through Facebook and the website, where one can sign the online petition in support for the listing of this national asset.

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