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They are not an NGO, they not are headquartered, nor provide counseling. They are a diversified group of cultural producers and artists. "We want to show that there are people producing good quality art in garages, excellent poets that are hidden. We want to create a stage for those who need space to show their capacity, but the market insists on ignoring them", say the group members.

Since 2003, the Brazilian Youth Art Movement performs, once a month, at the event "Mostra de Arte Livre e Sincera" (Free and Sincere Art Show) that brings together poetry, music, documentaries, dance, painting, and graffiti, all produced by independent artists. The Movement has its own label to release CDs, books, and movies. It also actively participates in discussions on public culture policies and democratization of communications in Niterói.

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First Monday of each month


Address: Coronel Tamarindo Street, 137, Gragoatá‎;, Niterói
Phone: (+55 21) 98775-5522 (Carlos)
E-mail address:

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