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Borginhos. Photo: Tasso Marcelo / Diadorim Ideias
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Pianist and accordionist Waldecir Fernando Borges de Medeiros, known as Borginhos, born in 1945, is legendary in Teresópolis. At three years old, his father gave him an accordion, and after he learned to play by heart, his father enrolled him in a course. 

The musician graduated from the Conservatório de Música de Bonsucesso (Bonsucesso Music Conservatory) and taught at Instituto Villa-Lobos (Instituto Villa-Lobos). He has performed in Thailand and in the United States with the extinct band Bossa 4, which he founded and maintained for 20 years.

He has recorded albums as arranger and playing for artists such as Baby Consuelo, Gilberto Gil, Ney Matogrosso, Tânia Alves, Nora Ney and Rosita Gonzales. He has performed on stage with names such as Dominguinhos e Sivuca. 

In his home studio with a view for Rosa slum, Borginhos rehearses and records with the new generation in Teresópolis. Among guitars, cavaquinhos, a keyboard, a violin, and his cherished Italian accordion Scandalli, as well as a pool trophy collection which has been his hobby for 50 years.

The musician performs with the bands Borginhos and Som do Nordeste and has released five albums of his own material. He has released a songbook with 81 sheet music of his. For his fans, the book is a true "borgiology". 

In 2012, he was infected with a bacteria which severely damaged his legs. He spent a year through surgeries and not able to walk. He lost his wife Maria Helena, with whom he was married for 49 years. He is sorry for not being able to say goodbye to Maria Helena, and he fights to recover from all this.

He now walks with crutches. "Music is my sole distraction", he says and plays the accordion. The fingers dance through the instrument as if they were never separated.

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