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Boi Pintadinho Suave Veneno Folklore Group. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias
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In the carnival of 2013, Suave Veneno Folklore Group won its 10th competition in Boi Pintadinho parades in Macaé. Its 70 members are all residents of Nova Holanda slum and the group's headquarters is the Preto Bar. The bar displays the trophies won by Suave Veneno as well as miniatures of the ox made ??by children and youth from the community.

Boi Pintadinho Suave Veneno Folklore Group. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias

During the revelry, Preto, the bar owner, carries out a competition that awards medals and money to the most decorated dolls. Children also parade with their "boizinhos" (the children's version of the Bumba Meu Boi dance)) in the neighborhood, which is also sold as souvenirs. Made of wood or bamboo and decorated with fabric scraps, glitter, stones and chains, they are one of the tourist attractions for those who visit Nova Holanda slum.

With at least one hundred years of tradition in Macaé, Bois Pintadinhos open the carnival parade on Samba Avenue. Unlike the samba schools, people occupying the bleachers in the ox processions can take part in the pageant that usually drags thousands of revelers. The groups are evaluated in battery, animation, evolution and originality. Preto, who studied only up to fourth grade of Middle School, says that he assembled the Suave Veneno Folklore Group in 1989 to continue the legacy of his father, Tinoco. He promoted Boi Pintadinho in Nova Hollanda with the help of 22 children.

The Suave Veneno survives by selling abadás (a shirt sold at a carnival parade to promote the event) in the community. The rehearsals take place in the streets, with samba-plot to monitor and a flag bearer to animate. The first stop has to be the home of Maria Ribeiro, born in 1929, Preto's mother. "If we do not go there, the old lady gets mad," he says. The rehearsals run in with a spare ox made of wood. The official one ? made of aluminum, having three meters high and six long - only leaves the shack for the parade covered by a cloth. The decor is "state secret" and adds charm to the Ox.

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