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Founded in 2005, in Venda Nova, by artist Marcos Alexandre Fonseca dos Santos, known as Xando Pernambuco, and by art-educator Bianca Aquino, the street band brings back traditional "marchinhas" (typical Brazilian Carnival music genre which relies on humorous lyrics - its name, "little march", satirizes the seriousness of military marches), the giant dolls, and the stilt walkers. A giant, three-meter doll is a humorous tribute to Empress Tereza Cristina. Costumes, stilts, juggling objects and monocycles are lent to the public for the parade. Dona Terezinha leaves the soccer field on the Monday of Carnival at 6h30am and ends with a solidary coffee at Venda Nova Historical Building. 

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Address: Teresópolis-Friburgo Road, km 15, Venda-Nova
Phone: (+55 21) 99161-7909 (Xando Pernambuco)
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