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Bemposta is the oldest farm in Três Rios.  Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Photo:Isabela Kassow/ Diadorim Ideias

Considered the oldest rural property in Três Rios, the Bemposta farm was founded in 1805 by José Antônio Barbosa Teixeira, and chose the name as a tribute to his father, who was born in Portugal, in the Campo de Bemposta region. Original ceramic tiles and roof tiles imported from Portugal are part of the architectural ensemble still preserved in the farm. The old farmhouse was demolished in the 1950s for a new, modern one to be built by the owner at the time, Arnaldo Guinle.

Azulejos e telhas originais. Foto:Isabela Kassow/ Diadorim Ideias

Historical gems are kept at the basement of the farmhouse along with an old projector by Zeiss - a renowned German optical systems manufacture - as well as rare film rolls. According to documents, a popular screening room was active at one of the property's main halls in the early 20th century. With about 200 acres of land, the farm is currently a ranch hotel with two stories and 21 suites.  



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Address: Fazenda Bemposta Road
Phone: (+55 24) 98213-0298

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